New Orleans, Louisiana - April 2011

Besides the low hum of jazz music, the shiny lure of beads, and the rebellious nature of this sinking city, I couldn't help but be pulled towards New Orleans for reasons I had yet to fully realize. I had a feeling that I would like it, but I didn't know it was going to permanently haunt me for future vacations. New Orleans surprised me in that it felt ancient, like walking the streets of Rome or tripping on cobblestones in Vienna, but with a buzzing undercurrent of revelry; every action is done with the smirk of the devil on your shoulder. 

My friend B, who moved there in 2009, first inspired my visit; I will forever be thankful for his wanderlust that led me to this magical city. I vowed to eat my way around the city. I wanted to soak up any juices New Orleans wanted to part with and I left full in more ways than one. I am also grateful to my friend L, who graciously offered to join me on this adventure.

Although there were many other places on my to-eat list in NOLA, I dare to dream that I will visit again, and bring a hearty stomach to embrace the saucy, spicy, special flavors imparted in all of New Orleans' food: The epitome of soul. With the magic of the cobblestone streets and the European atmosphere, I already feel like part of my own soul will live there forever.

The siren song is strong in here.

Restaurants Visited: 

  • August
  • Brennan's (UPDATE: Fall 2013 - Brennan's is now closed due to financial woes, it will be missed. UPDATE Fall 2014 - Brennan's is now under new ownership and has been resurrected; there's hope for it yet.)
  • Butcher
  • Cafe du Monde
  • Carousel Bar (at Hotel Monteleone)
  • Cochon
  • Sylvain