Island of Fun - Coney Island, September 2016

The cool, morning breezes of Labor Day swirl around me in a nourishing hug. Lapping up the edge of Brooklyn, dark and aggressive waves smack the beach while the lightless bulbs of the Wonder Wheel wait for their turn to shine. Uneven slats with loose nails provide a glimpse into the millions of visitors who tromp their way up and down the boardwalk every season. Empty ticket booths and lone street sweepers occupy the space that thousands of sticky shoes will soon claim. Nostalgic amusement destination Coney Island is a beautiful, eerie place before the park opens. When the gates unlock and the music starts tinkling, the lights come alive. A barrage of strollers turn into a zoo of cotton candy blurs and the whooshing rides produce endless shrieks of joy. Watching a calm environment become a raucous symphony became, to me, the perfect ending to a summer thick with memories.

Places Visited: 

  • Coney Island Beach

  • Luna Park

  • New York Aquarium

  • Elsie Fest @ Ford Amphitheater on Coney Island Boardwalk

  • Nathan's Famous Hot Dogs (Original Location)