Brenda's French Soul Food (Polk Gulch, San Francisco)


Ahh Brenda's. The mere thought of this funky, food-forward brunch all-star in the unassuming Polk Gulch neighborhood of San Francisco brings sighs of delight from my mouth and groans from my stomach.

Fourth of July weekend while I was still living in San Francisco, my friend L came to visit and we filled our days with an agenda based around food and shopping.

I had never been to Brenda's but was keen on exploring this soul food attraction that was just slightly over ten non-hilly blocks from my apartment. We trekked out the door at 8am and soon arrived to no line (a real shock, especially on a holiday) along the red-painted facade, we were in immediately.

We ordered quickly and democratically trying to include all of our taste buds' opinions at once; I do NOT recommend this tactic. If at all possible, when in the presence of great (and very rich) food, order a variety of items, bring many people whom with you can share, and plan to come again very soon.

We indulged until we couldn't eat another single crumb and rolled ourselves out the door and back up the street to my apartment. It wasn't yet 10am, but we each needed a nap before continuing the rest of our day.

Go to Brenda's for the spirited, cajun decor and mouth-watering fare --- but be prepared for the food coma.

Menu Items:

  • Hot Chocolate

  • Beignet Flight (crawfish, apple, chocolate, and plain)

  • French Toast with Butter Pecan Sauce

  • Cheese Grits